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Stencil Door

Walking in the rue de Grenelle one rainy evening, not far from the café des Frères Prévert, I saw this great stencil-painted glass door (don’t bother looking for it now; it’s gone). Both sides of the glass had been painted, creating a theatrical illusion that I took some (dark, rainy) photos of. The next morning, I was waiting eagerly in the place du Panthéon when my film processing lab opened, but an hour later I discovered that I hadn’t captured the door’s magic. That afternoon I returned and shot it again, using a different Kodak emulsion and Nikon lens, but the result, while indeed different (technically better) and definitely interesting (I’m going to make another print using it), was even less able to convey the original’s paradoxical depth. .

  • Paper size 24 x 36 inches (61 x 91.4 centimeters); Image size 17.35 x 33.15 in. Printed with archival pigments on smooth, matte-finish Italian paper (UltraChrome HD archival inks on acid-free, pH-buffered, 100% cotton rag paper).