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The sweet Bohemian life

January 02, 2018

The sweet Bohemian life

Today I posted a new Muse Wall print (No. 7) featuring images shot on 35mm film – Kodachrome, actually. I bought my first serious camera while living in Japan – paid for it with fees from teaching English, and bartered modelling for photography lessons at a Tokyo camera club. Tokyo was just one stop on a long round-the-world odyssey that included a stay in the Greek islands (restful and delicious after crossing eight time zones on the Trans-Siberian railway). The photos in this new print were taken in San Francisco in 1982 with a lens that I still use when I’m in the mood for classic analog glow – by now I know this lens very well. I also came to know this lovely person well – she was my exclusive model when I was doing couture. The crêpe de chine robe that she’s wearing here combined two different hand-dyed arashi shibori patterns (a distinctly unglamorous process involving a twenty-gallon cauldron of boiling acid).